The world faces unprecedented climate change challenges in the coming years. The PV energy revolution is underway, transforming the world's energy supply into one that is sustainable and secure. Next Phase Solar is part of the renewable solution by maximizing the performance of solar power systems and environmental benefits.

Next Phase Solar is the leading provider of solar panel maintenance services to operating PV systems

We provide enterprise solar operations and maintenance as well as asset management services to owners, equipment manufacturers, financiers and EPC contractors. Our customers choose Next Phase to get the maximum return from their solar system, to increase satisfaction with their customers, and protect their capital investment through Solar/PV O&M.

Our mission is to:

  • Maximize the energy generation of built PV systems
  • PV operations and maintenance to prolong the operating lifetime of installed systems
  • Increase the investment value of system owners and investors through solar maintenance
  • Manage our customers assets as if they were our own